Welcome to St. Mark's

Mission Statement

The mission of our parish is to hold up Jesus Christ as the Savior of all people.

Our commitment is to our members and to the needs of the community and the world.

We aspire to be a congregation that continues to grow and be involved.

Rector: Fr. John Seib


Office Administrator: Scott Smith

Music Director: Tennille Trenchard

Organist: Su Lee

Sexton: John Kucharski

2019 St. Mark's Vestry

Treasurer: Rich Fischer

Marty Hall

Jane Lemley

Jeff Trenchard

Linda Hardy

Barb Nesbit

Diane Wacker

Ray Wolf


The history of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church begins as early as 1838, when a small group met in a little brick schoolhouse on the site of North Tonawanda’s First Methodist Church.  

Since then, the generosity of the early parishioners’ donations and dedication has continued to contribute to the spiritual and material growth of the parish. The baptismal font and the carved eagle lectern from the early church are used today at our two Sunday services, emphasizing the “family unity” perpetuated at St. Mark’s throughout its rich history. 

St. Mark’s has also made numerous updates to the church building in order to better serve the needs of our parish and community.  In 1990, eleven permanent classrooms were made for the Church School, and the Guild Room was refurbished to include a kitchenette. A couple of years later a new fellowship hall with an industrial kitchen was installed. This fellowship hall seats 240 persons, and is frequently used for our weekly coffee hour, other church events and community group meetings. A chapel, choir room and new bathrooms were also added. Other improvements have been made to make the church more accessible.

Throughout our history, we at St. Mark’s have been driven to share what the Lord has provided with those in the community, and we hope to continue in that tradition as we move forward. 

St. Mark’s Community

We are a congregation that places significant value on our traditions and the comfort that comes along with familiarity, yet we want to learn new ways to express our faith and explore new ways to share our fellowship in the community.  

Along with many other churches, our congregation shares the growing urgency to attract people of all ages and talents to join our fellowship in Christ. When we gather together, faith in Jesus Christ and prayers for each other provides us comfort and strength to face difficulties when we leave our sanctuary.  

Parishioners pray and touch the prayer shawls given to the sick, believing that our prayers and faith will heal those receiving the shawls. 

We participate through prayer in a Healing Service on the first Sunday of each month. 

Music is essential to our worship at St. Mark's. The 8am service is a spoken service that has recently incorporated organ music and hymns. The music ministry, consisting of a 19-member choir and led by our talented music director and accomplished organist, provides depth and inspiration to our 10am service. Our service music has expanded in the past year to include a cantor and plainsong chant with hand bells. Prior to our Christmas Eve service, the choir leads our very receptive congregation in singing well-known carols. While our congregation appreciates traditional organ music and hymns, suggestions for more contemporary music are happily considered to add variety and broaden our appeal.

The people of St. Mark’s are generous of heart and spirit. Each month we contribute to the local food pantry, and we lend other forms of support to families outside of our congregation throughout the year. Each year St. Mark's provides holiday meals to three families at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This tradition has continued and has expanded to include other food items and gifts so they can enjoy the entire holiday season.   
St. Mark’s has a very active Sunday school program that runs from September through May and culminates with a celebration of our children on F.R.O.G Day where our young members are responsible for the entire church service. Throughout the year the children participate in meaningful discussions and lessons as well as engage in a variety of service projects. Our Sunday school welcomes children of all ages and has five classes ranging from nursery-aged children all the way through seniors in high school. 

There are many ways to join in the church family gatherings. Most of our parishioners are involved in one or more of the church’s activities, ministry groups and fundraisers. Among our many fundraisers throughout the year is our popular Lenten Fish Fry and Spring Salad Bar Luncheon, which is enjoyed by many local neighbors and local business employees as well as parishioners. Our young and energetic Church School Superintendent manages our February Theme Tray Auction.  In the fall, another active young member spearheads the St. Mark's "Get Set Go! 5K Race" through the streets of North Tonawanda. These fund raising events are very popular with the local young people. 

St. Mark's is also successful due to the importance we place on fellowship and support for each other. Each summer, the congregation at St. Mark's gathers in Pine Woods Park to enjoy our church picnic.  In the fall we work together to host a Fall Chicken BBQ. Our Bereavement Committee also co-ordinates funeral luncheons to support our church family members. 

Many of our parishioners have been devoted members of St. Mark’s for 40 years or more. Together we share a common goal of maintaining our family-oriented Christian atmosphere.