Thank you to everyone who supported St. Mark's Get Set Go! 5k in 2019!

In its sixth edition the St. Mark’s, Get Set, Go! 5k set several records – including two new course records and a record number of participants thanks to a large contingent of University at Buffalo’s running club. Taking first place overall was UB Running Club member Joshua Lacey in a new course record of 16:20. That time unseated the previous record of 16:28 held by another name familiar to UB Running Club history, Nathan Yost.  The pace on the men’s side was quite consistent, with both Joshua and Alex Farrell of Checkers AC dueling it out through the majority of the race together in 5:15 per mile pace. Alex came through in second place overall, with a time of 16:30. Rounding out 3 through 5 on the men’s side were three more UB running club members: Kevin Hazelwood in 16:41, Dixon Atkins in a contested time of 17:01 (it was sub-17 to all who observed), and Kody Parrott in 17:15.

Just a few places behind these speedsters was our overall female winner, Maura Tyrrell. Maura rounded the corner from Bryant to Tremont and had the course record within reach. She bounded down the home stretch and crossed the finish line in 18:20, dipping under the previous course record of 18:21 set in 2017 by Jennifer Boerner. The female course record looks primed to be dropped again in 2021, as Jennifer had narrowly dipped under Kim Vona’s time of 18:26 from 2015 in her 2017 course-record run. In places 2 through 5 on the women’s side were, in 2nd, UB Running Club member Lindsay Lassetter in a time of 22:28, in 3rd, Checker’s AC member Jill Cutspec in 23:01, 4th in a time of 23:23 was Denise Seelbach, and Kyle Lemmon was 5th in a time of 23:35.

In terms of top-10 individual performances ever on the certified course, we also had our first ever female sub-18 equivalent time in Barbara Sauer. Her time of 25:50 converts to a blazing fast 17:49, an age-graded percentage of 82.87%. This year’s performance was moves her from 5th to 1st place all time on the course – an impressive 2 minutes and 19 seconds faster than her time two years ago, and is the best performance male, or female, since the race’s inception. Stephanie Spritzer also improved her top-10 age-graded time of 19:36 from last year to 19:20 this year.

On the men’s side Sam Legierski and Jim Figler remain at top with their 16:10 equivalent performances from 2016 and 2015 respectively. Joshua Lacey’s 16:20 moves him to number 3, Alex Farrell moves into 6th with his 16:30. Barry Latner, similar to Stephanie, also improved his already standing top 10 performance. His 16:46 from 2015 was bettered to 16:36 this year; four years later he was only 16 seconds off his 2015 time and still ran sub-7-minute pace per mile. Ron Lemmon moves into 9th and Kevin Hazelwood moves into 10th place, half of the top-10 is now dominated by the 2019 showing on the men's side and all of the top 10 times are under 17-minutes.

The Master’s winners were, for men, Brian Leffler in 20:33 and for women, Denise Seelbach in 23:23. The Veteran’s winners were, for men, Ron Lemmon in 20:51 and for women, Judy Lemmon in 23:49. Atop the age-graded list, common last names were seemingly the theme this year as 12-year old Gavin Leffler ran an impressive 20:24, out kicking 45-year old Brain Leffler by 9 seconds and 16-year old Max Leffler by 10 seconds.

The race had an impressive number of great runners, 67 of 127 finishers ran above a 60% age-graded time, and 19 runners dipped under 20-minutes! Just outside of those crazy-fast benchmarks was the fastest St. Mark’s parishioner finisher, Neil Ferguson, in a remarkable time of 21:49.

Other notable racers include Mary Bostwick who finished her 100th race at St. Mark’s, Liberty Snyder who set a personal record by over a minute, and perennial racers Ed Russell, and Mac Mackenzie who at the age of 75+ are still racing massive numbers of races and achieving stellar times. 

Thank you to everyone who ran this year’s St. Mark’s 5k! We hope to see you again in 2020! Pictures will be uploaded soon.


Until next year,

-Scott & Katie

Course Records:

Men's:                   16:20 JOSHUA LACEY (2019)

Women's:        18:20  MAURA TYRRELL   (2019)

Past Years' Results:







Please contact Scott Ferguson at SFERGUSON6@mgh.harvard.eduif you have any questions.

Top 10 IndividualPerformances (AGE-graded) on Certified Course :


1 Sam Legierski         16:10       80.28%    2016

2 Jim Figler                 16:10       79.80%    2015

3 Joshua Lacey         16:20      79.49%     2019

4 Raymond Graf       16:25       79.08%    2016

5 Nathan Yost           16:28      78.85%    2016

6 Alex Farrell             16:30      78.71%      2019

7 Barry Latner          16:36      78.21%      2019

8 Nicholas Masiello  16:38      78.06%    2016

9 Ron Lemmon        16:40      77.87%      2019

10 Kevin Hazelwood  16:41      77.82%     2019


1 Barbara Sauer                17:49    82.87%     2019

2 Jennifer Boerner           18:14    81.00%      2017

3 Maura Tyrrell                  18:17      80.73%     2019

4 Kim Vona                         18:26    80.29%      2015

5 Judy Lemmon               18:58     77.83%      2019

6 Diane Sardes                  19:17     76.76%     2015

7 Stephanie Spritzer      19:20     76.41%     2019

8 Jeanne Chairmonte      20:08   73.36%     2016

9 Deborah Wiltrout          20:17    72.78%     2016

10 Jillian Kosinski               20:31    71.97%      2016

2 kilometer walk map:

Race directors Katie Faith Orlowski-Williams and Scott Ferguson thank you for your interest in the St. Mark's 5k!